Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mud Pond Portage by Sally Gill

This was written by Sally, my 8 year old daughter, for her third grade writing class. I have added some pictures.

When I awoke at 7:00 it was a bitter cold morning. I walked to the picnic table with sleep in my eyes. The sun warmed me enough. My hot chocolate was as warm as a fireplace. I was on day five on a canoe trip with my Mom, my Dad and brother Brad who is ten years old. The early morning bird songs and silence brought small but happy smile to my face. The water was glistening and the sound of our paddles was soothing. Then the wind picked up and my Dad said “sweep on the left draw on the right”. We got to our first portage and ate lunch. After the portage on Umbazooksus Lake that’s when in all happened.

When I first stepped on that tail I know it was not going to be good. I was going to portage the Mud Pond Carry. The first time I stepped in mud it was cold, wet and thigh deep. Then I heard a crinkle and my shoe fell off. I didn’t think I would get it back on my foot. Splitter splatter help! False alarm just a frog no a toad. Maybe if I sing I’ll have more fun than being alone 100 bottles of milk on the wall 100 bottles of milk so on. Maybe that won’t work. Yes, I got another frog for my frog count. I wonder how long…

“Oh no what have I gotten myself into now.” It was raining cats and dogs. Not another mud puddle! How about I go around it like my brother? But it’s to big I thought. I didn’t like this I just wanted to go home. I got really grumpy and bored. “Mom do you have a snack?” I asked. The mud was so very cold even my thighs were buried in it. This was hard for an eight year old. “Is that what I think it is?” I wondered. Land. One giant step for me one small step for earth!

Hiking all that was hard but I survived my big journey. I still had one day left and I was kind of glad about it. After all I will admit I did have a good time. My moments alone were full of silence and thoughts, not the regular kind of silence, the kind that helps you think good thoughts. But I did have a good time. By the time I was done I felt pretty good about myself, another small but happy smile.

Sally Gill


Cathy Mumford said...

Sally,I love your descriptive writing and I like the way you use "sound words" like crinkle, as well as your subtle yet significant observations. At 8 you have already done something most grown ups find very hard. Congratulations!
What I would like to know is, What was your final frog count?

Damien said...

Sally, you write very well! That sounds like quite the adventure you guys went on. I take my kids out on adventure too. We don't canoe, we hike, but sometimes the weather can be nasty and it isn't always fun. When we are done though everyone looks back on those moments fondly and admits that they had a good time.

Congratulations on a good trip and a good trip report!

Anonymous said...

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